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Discover the collection

MoMu preserves the largest collection of historical and present-day designer fashion in Belgium and offers a representative overview of womenswear in Western Europe, from the eighteenth century to the present. Explore a curated selection of objects from the MoMu collection, enriched with context, graphic and archive materials from the MoMu library.

  • Shot of face from model, showing distinctive black makeup over eyelids
    Jurgi Persoons, casting poster spring/summer 1998, depicting lying model
    Nailed shirt with imitation Burberry label and jersey in jute

    Jurgi Persoons

    Explore the Tailoring and Raw Styling of Jurgi Persoons.
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  • Model in black and white wool dress, with haze around head
    Mannequin in blue and white knit dress, with accentuated sleeves
    Picture of three models in floral outfit

    Christian Wijnants

    Discover Christian Wijnants’ Innovative Knitwear.
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