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MoMu Café

Fashion culture is served: MoMu Café by Graanmarkt 13

+32 (0) 3 470 27 94

Tuesday - Sunday
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

MoMu Café is not just accessible to museum ticketholders but every Antwerp visitor with an appetite for tasty, good-for-all food. The MoMu Café space is connected to the all-new MoMu Shop and the museum’s exhibition areas, inviting diners to further discover the expos and inspiration available on the MoMu menu.

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We want to bring healthy food to people's homes in an easy and likeable manner. 123, eat healthy!

Tim & Ilse, Graanmarkt 13
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    Heikki Verdurm
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    Heikki Verdurm

The MoMu Café interior design by noted art director Bob Verhelst blends shades of green with robust teak chairs and bespoke tables as well as lighting by studio Casegoods. A black steel buffet bar will invite all to enjoy daily fresh meals. The buffet will offer a tasty range of homemade options during the day including soups, sweet and savory pies and warm paninis.