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Fashion 2.021

MoMu Café

Enjoy a meal from our buffet, or a drink with a snack at 'MoMu Café by Graanmarkt 13'! We are bringing a fresh taste of fashion culture to the table!

+32 (0) 3 470 27 94

Tuesday to Sunday:
10.00 — 18.00

MoMu Café is not just be accessible to museum ticketholders but every Antwerp visitor with an appetite for tasty, good-for-all food. The MoMu Café space is connected to the all-new MoMu Shop and the museum’s exhibition areas, inviting diners to further discover the expos and inspiration available on the MoMu menu.

  • MoMu Café by Graanmarkt 13
    Matthias De Boeck
  • MoMu Café by Graanmarkt 13
    Matthias De Boeck

We want to bring healhty food to people's homes in an easy and likeable manner. 123, eat healthy!

Tim & Ilse, Graanmarkt 13
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The MoMu Café interior design by noted art director Bob Verhelst blends shades of green with robust teak chairs and bespoke tables as well as lighting by studio Casegoods. A black steel buffet bar will invite all to enjoy a meal on the spot or discover the takeaway wall designed for balanced food and drinks on the go, served in cleverly designed takeout dishes. The buffet features a range of homemade options including herb pancakes, oatmeal and raisin cookies, yoghurt, vegetable wok and tortillas for breakfast as well as vegetable plates, salads, soup plus meat or fish stews throughout the day. Fresh vegan dishes will be offered daily.

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The opening of MoMu Café also doubles as the debut of Graanmarkt 13’s new takeaway concept ‘123’. A sister project of Graanmarkt 13, ‘123’ focuses on being a fresh buffet and takeaway service, staying true to the restaurant’s core values of healthy, local and seasonal food with a strong emphasis on vegetables. All meals are fully balanced, with or without proteins and carbs. The secret sauce? Dividing dishes into three categories:

  • 1 (greens / veggie / vitality)
  • 2 (proteins / fish / meat / strength)
  • 3 (comfort / carbs / energy) –

This allows every table guest to hand-pick a meal closest to their own preferences, diet, mood and the time of day.

MoMu is closed for renovations, open to inspire at other locations. Read more about it.