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Make giving an art. As a philanthropist you engage yourself in a project that connects you to your passion and you receive tax benefits in exchange for your donation.

You are interested in donating to the Friends of MoMu Fund at the King Baudoin Foundation. How would your donation make a difference?

Your donation will go towards MoMu's educational spaces: the auditorium, atelier and library. These are important spaces in the museum, because facilitating education, critical perspectives and dialogue is a prime responsibilitiy.

I am proud to support MoMu and judging by its fabulous reputation and ambitions, it is a donation well spent.

Laura De Groen, philantropist

More than ever before, is fashion a medium to understand times and people from infinite angles. Fashion is so much more than clothing, it can build bridges between cultures and communities.

Do you share in this enthusiasm? Become a philanthropist and donate to MoMu.

As a born and raised citizen of Antwerp, I have been supporting MoMu for many years

Linda De Keulenaer, philantropist


Help children and teenagers question beauty and encourage them to experiment with fashion. In a superdiverse Antwerp, with over 170 nationalities, fashion reaches out to all communities. Your donation supports the MoMu atelier where children and teenagers work together around fashion and clothing.

Study collection

Direct contact with materials and techniques is an irreplacable form of education. Learning through objects is an enriching and inspiring experience for students of every age. The study collection in the library offers a tactile research wardrobe of the past centuries. Your donation makes tactile learning possible, both for amateurs and professionals.

MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Only through physical contact, can you truly study an object. It helps us to better understand materials and techniques.

Students Textile Design KASK Ghent


Fashion is an attractive lens to view the world in new ways and to discover in-depth and broad perspectives. The auditorium is a platform for dialogue. Debate should be encouraged, conflicting standpoints can be brought together and differences should be celebrated. Your donation helps setting up the MoMu auditorium.

If I can help someone gain a new perspective on beauty, then my philanthropy is worth it.

Hilary Dalton-Slegers, philanthropist and founder of the Friends of MoMu Fund

Philanthropy through the King Baudoin Foundation

Donations are used to support the renovation of MoMu's educational spaces: the atelier, the auditorium, and the study collection in the library. These spaces will be available to visitors after the renovation has been completed.

All donations are processed through a fund officially registered with the King Baudoin Foundation. This has several advantages:

  • The King Baudoin Foundation ensures the fund is managed correctly, so you are assured your gift is used for its intended purposes. The fund is managed by two independent founding philanthropists.
  • The King Baudoin Foundation will provide you with a tax certificate, making you eligible for a tax deduction up to 45% of your donation.
  • A donation is tax deductible as of €40. There is no maximum limit for a donation.
  • You can make a donation either as a private individual or as a business.

How to donate?

  • Make a donation by bank transfer

    You can make a transfer via online banking or at your bank.

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  • Make a donation online

    You can make an online donation through the website of the King Baudoin Foundation

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