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Looking for a unique gift or the ideal souvenir? Visit MoMu Shop and discover the limited collaborations we have for sale!

Tuesday - Sunday
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

There's no better place in Antwerp to look for contemporary items by young design talent, be it original pieces or limited editions. Equal amount of thought went in to the origin of our range of typical museum memorabilia. Our MoMu Shop collection is completed by fun gadgets that are locally sourced and durably produced.

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For sale in the museum shop

Willy Vanderperre Collectible Items

Consistent with his identification with youth and subcultures, Willy Vanderperre has developed an associated programme with film, music and the launch of his limited collectible items in the form of drops, which are for sale at the exhibition entrance. Proceeds from sales will in part be donated to çavaria, the Flemish advocacy group for LGBTI+ people. çavaria is committed to the well-being, equal rights, and equal opportunities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex individuals. New drops will launch in the weekends following the nocturnes.

MoMu x Grounds Hanky Sneakers

Especially for MoMu Shop, the Japanese footwear label Grounds designed an exclusive sneaker with a chunky shoe and a knotted handkerchief. For the unique print, Grounds founder Mikio Sakabe, an alumnus of the Antwerp Fashion Department, drew inspiration from prints in MoMu Library's study collection.

Sizes 37 to 41

MoMu x Perpetua Pencil

In addition to discarded fabrics, other materials also get a new lease on life at MoMu Shop. For instance, you can now shop the first pencil made with 80% recycled graphite powder. With this Italian-made pencil, you not only give shape to your imagination, but also to a better world.

Maaike Delsaerdt Genius Loci T-shirt

Considering climate change, inspired by nature, architecture and carefulness, these products are created by Antwerp-based artist Maaike Delsaerdt. Desert rock with girly flowers as an expression for 'more understanding and balance'. This garment creates an intimate setting to take with you wherever you wander.

For anyone, to wear anywhere, free from restrictions, rules, boundaries or codes. Unisex and in one size L.


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  • MoMu x Grounds Hanky Sneakers

  • MoMu x Perpetua Pencil

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  • Laura Meier Hagested Foulard

  • Mikio Sakabe Notebook

  • Quinten Mestdagh Error Foulard

  • MoMu x Tom Schamp

  • Delvaux pochette by Bernadette

  • Delvaux pochette by Christian Wijnants

  • Delvaux pochette by 42|54

  • Delvaux pochette by Meryll Rogge