Group visits

Although MoMu is closed, the museum still offers guided visits for groups. You can now book a guided visit to the exhibition "Soft? Tactile Dialogues" in the Maurice Verbaet Center in Antwerp.

Let a MoMu guide immerse you in the world of various generations of artists who express themselves through textiles in the exhibition "Soft? Tactile Dialogues".

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In this hand-knotted carpet different cultures and animals are merged into one mask. The tapestry plays with different textures and was made in once piece after which it was cut out in an expressive shape.

Head into the city with our MoMu guides and discover the places which helped to shape the Antwerp fashion scene.

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A guide talks to a group in front of a boutique.

Questions about group visits

Do you have a question about a group visit? Contact Info Cultuur.

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