• Historical Riding Costume Gets a 3D Update

    MoMu creates digital fashion and animation for Future Front Row, the holographic fashion show at the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festival in Antwerp. Read more.
  • Empire in the Spotlight

    Thanks to Bridgerton, the early 19th century is undergoing a revival. Curator of Collections Wim Mertens reflects on how costume designers and fashion historians deal with the rigours of bygone fashions, as we present three original Empire dresses at MoMu. Read more.
  • Museum Monitoring in Four Key Points

    MoMu, together with several partners, is working on MuMo, a data logging system for the heritage sector. Dieter Suls, coordinator of the Dries Van Noten Study Center, explains the how and why of this scientific collaboration. Read more.
  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Memories of Clothing and Movement

    Clothing has played a crucial role in the choreographies of the Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker for forty years. The choreographer looks back on the many memories that are attached to the outfits that helped shape her long-standing dance career. Read more.
  • Meet the MoMu Guides

    If you've ever joined a Lazy Sunday or Fashion Walk, you have crossed paths with MoMu's passionate guides. Together with the hospitality team and museum guards, they are often the face of the museum. We gave the floor to MoMu guides Michiel and Manon. Read more.
  • Look, Do Touch! The Study Collection as a Tool for Public Outreach

    Leen Borgmans (Public Outreach & Communication) and Birgit Ansoms (MoMu Library) share how MoMu uses its study collection to reach young and old through a variety of projects. Read more.
  • Baloji Augurism. through the Eyes of the Transdisciplinary Artist

    Transdisciplinary artist Baloji has transformed the MoMu Gallery into a place of magical realism. MoMu talks to him about the inspiration behind the exhibition and his collaborations with well-known artists and craftspeople. Read more.
  • MoMu Talks to Julius Persoone, the Chocolatier behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection

    Chocolatier Julius Persoone translated twelve silhouettes from the MoMu Collection into as many unique chocolates. He walks us through the inspiration behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection. Read more.
  • MoMu's Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas from MoMu to You!

    Looking for the ideal Christmas gift or want to treat yourself? At MoMu Shop, you will find everything for a blissful end-of-year. Avoid holiday shopping stress with six gift ideas from MoMu to you. Read more.
  • And the MoMu Award Goes to... Laura Meier Hagested

    MoMu sits down with recent Antwerp Fashion Department graduate and MoMu Award winner Laura Meier Hagested to discuss the inspiration behind her collection '(Please) Lose Yourself In Me' and her plans for the future. Read more.