Identi(time): The Stories Behind Clothing (secondary education)

Clothes create so many opportunities. With our choice of clothes, we define our identity, although this is often subconscious.

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    Secondary education
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With this project, we aim to establish the impact of clothes on our identity. We compare fashion from the past and present. What we wear can say something about who we are, how we view our position in society and to which subculture we belong. By changing outfits, fashion also gives us the chance to play different roles, simultaneously or in parallel. We no longer stick to one style, but mix and match to our heart's content. Fashion and the way in which people dress is a reflection of the social context. It's quite clear that fashion is still in motion. In the last decades we have witnessed all kinds of developments. Many past fashions return to today's fashion scene.

Of course, much has changed, but what exactly?

This is the question we ask ourselves during this project and that we try to answer using questions, assertations and tasks based on the study collection!

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