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MoMu Game

The ‘life story’ of any design is a fascinating journey through the fashion world. The MoMu game can take place from September 2021.

Visitor information

  • When

    Monday to Friday between 10 AM - 12 AM and 13 PM - 15 PM
  • Duration

    2 hours
  • Languages

  • For whom

    Primary school students
  • Maximum number of students

    1 class group of max. 25 students (depending on COVID-19 restrictions)

  • Price

    €140 per guide (including €5 administration costs)

  • COVID-19 measures

    • guide wears mouth mask
    • mouth mask mandatary for teachers + supervisors
    • sufficient distance between the participants
  • Cancellation policy

    If you cancel at least 7 calendar days in advance, everything will be refunded with the exception of a €10 administration fee. If you cancel up to 7 calendar days before your visit, nothing will be refunded. Cancellations can only be made via the Experience Antwerp contact form.

  • How to book?

    The button below will take you to the website of Experience Antwerp. This is where you can book your guided tour. Individual entrance tickets can then be ordered in the MoMu ticket shop.

From school year 2019 - 2020 MoMu presents you the "MOMU GAME".

This board game introduces pupils to the different steps of the design process in a fun way, including interaction to stimulate their creativity.

All garments found in shops are the end result of a long process. ‘From design to garment’ is a fascinating journey that we will make together during this game.

The pupils will learn how to create designs in a fun way. It all starts with their inspiration as designers. They have to transform their ideas and sketches step by step into a finished product. In doing so, they go through various phases, each of which contributes to the further development of their designs. The ‘life story’ of any design is a fascinating journey through the fashion world.

  • detail of the game, different tiles on the ground with dice and pawn
    MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho
  • detail of the game, tile and pawn
    MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho
  • different children who are playing the game
    MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

In just two hours, they will have completed all the phases, from idea to finished garment.

The game has four sections. You can associate each of the sections with the following verbs:

1. Inspiration: thinking, looking, searching, travelling, dreaming, etc.

2. Design: drawing, choosing, draping, drawing patterns, etc.

3. Production: fitting, sewing, stitching, finishing, etc.

4. Post-production: displaying, modelling, taking photographs, selling, etc.

This game is suitable for pupils from the second to the sixth years and OKAN classes (reception classes for non-Dutch speaking newcomers).

It can be linked to various school projects, including fashion, materials, designers, sustainability and economy.

MoMu Antwerp | Dennis Ravays


Do you have a question about the MoMu game or would you like to book the MoMu game? Contact Klaartje.Patteet@momu.be