MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Talk: interactive presentation (secondary/higher education)

The 'MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Talk' illuminates the many facets of sustainability across the Antwerp fashion scene.

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    Every day at 11 AM and 2 PM
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    90 minutes
  • Languages

    Dutch & English
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    Secondary + higher education
  • Maximum number

    25 students per guide

During the 'MoMu Fashion & Sustainability Talk' our MoMu guide brings new perspective to fashion and sustainability, illustrating their multiple layers on the basis of Antwerp’s fashion scene and history.

This presentation doesn't show where you can shop ecologically, or which designers and labels are sustainable. Instead, we want you to see how the principles of sustainability are everywhere.

Sustainability is an integral part of today's world. But what does the word ‘sustainability’ mean to you? There are numerous definitions of this concept, but how does it apply to the fashion industry? And how do Belgian designers approach this concept?

Find out together with a MoMu guide during this interactive presentation, supported by archive footage from the MoMu Library. During the presentation we highlight examples from the past and present. At the same time we reflect on our role as consumers in the 'take-make-waste' system.

What are you already doing right and what is your outlook on the future? What is, according to you, the role of the government in all of this? This presentation is an exchange of questions, answers and ideas.

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As inspiration for this presentation, the Fashion & Sustainability Walk was rewritten. To map out this walk, MoMu sat down with Jasmien Wynants, sustainable fashion expert and co-author of Close the Loop – A Guide Towards a Circular Fashion Industry. She is a freelance sustainability coach for, among others, the Belgian fashion label, Xandres.


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