• Innovation in the MoMu Depot: Efficient and Sustainable Conservation

    MoMu houses over 35,000 objects in a 1,300m² external storage, allowing the museum to innovate in its efforts to preserve the collection in the most optimal climate conditions. Textile Conservator Kim Verkens highlights some recent developments. Read more.
  • The Library Is Still Open!

    MoMu Library remains open by appointment during the temporary closure of the museum. Meet its visitors. Read more.
  • The Philosophy Behind MoMu's Acquisition Policy

    Curator of Collections Wim Mertens on the challenges and opportunities of MoMu's constantly evolving museum collection and acquisition policy. Read more.
  • Yvonne Dekock & Walter Van Beirendonck: Talent is something you recognize instantly

    MoMu sits down with Walter Van Beirendonck and Yvonne Dekock to reflect on the time they spent within the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, first as students, then as teachers. This chapter is set to draw to a close this year. Read more.
  • MoMu Collection Travels to Kasteel d'Ursel

    A selection of silhouettes and objects from the MoMu Collection can be seen at Kasteel d’Ursel in Hingene. They are part of 'Print & Paint: 350 Years of Flowers on Cotton', on view from 26 May through 9 October 2022. Read more.
  • MoMu restores: Walter Van Beirendonck Autumn/Winter 1996-97 wig

    A contemporary object that has been refreshed is a wig by Walter Van Beirendonck. The piece, which formed part of the Autumn/Winter 1996-97 Wonderland collection, was effectively worn on the catwalk, resulting in a lot of damage caused by use. Read more.
  • MoMu restores: 18th-century French dress

    Before the 'Collection Presentation - Fashion from the MoMu Collection', the 18th-century dress in the French style has never been exhibited before. The piece is quite fragile and both the accompanying petticoat and compère (the false front) were missing. Read more.
  • 18 years behind the scenes at MoMu with volunteer Maria

    Back in 2003, she made her way to the Fashion Museum carrying a consignment of 19th-century clothes – heirlooms – from an old box and now, 18 years later, 81-year-old Maria Sermeus is still working behind the scenes at MoMu as a volunteer. Read more.
  • How MoMu digitises 17th & 18th century copybooks and ledgers

    Discover the 'Melijn archive handwritten text recognition' project, a plan to digitise, transcribe and publish twenty volumes of letter copybooks and ledgers from the 17th and 18th centuries. Read more.
  • The choice of...

    In this series, employees and inspirational people choose their favourite piece from the MoMu exhibitions. Read more.