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Meet the Interns

Jeroen Broeckx

Behind the scenes, MoMu is able to count on the support and expertise of a diverse group of interns who undertake short- or long-term internships in various departments. Meet Alhassane, Xanthe, Maria, and Veronica, the museum's interns.

Alhassane Diallo (18), student Communication & Media, Sint-Lodewijk Antwerpen

Alhassane Diallo
Jeroen Broeckx

"I love fashion, but I had never set foot inside MoMu. I do dream of starting my own clothing label from time to time. The clothes which you see in a museum may unfortunately not be for sale, but I can still learn a lot here that will come in handy, should I ever take that leap. MoMu handles its own communication from A to Z. This has its advantages during an internship. From collecting press articles to expanding address files: you are immersed in all aspects of communication.

Topping my list of duties? NITE SH FT, the nocturnes through which MoMu wants to bring more young people into the museum. As the museum was also new for me, I could adopt an external approach: it was the ideal assignment for me to get content creators on Instagram and TikTok excited about these late night openings. I really appreciate that my work will not be lost. A new series of nocturnes is coming up, and I will be back as well. I don't know yet what the future holds, but I have discovered a talent for public relations, having seen and learned the importance of a strong network at MoMu."

Alhassane did a Public Relations internship of three weeks in the PR & Communications department.

Xanthe Op de Beeck (22), Master's student Art History, KU Leuven

Xanthe Op de Beeck
Stany Dederen

"When I was eighteen, I purposefully decided to study in Leuven: their Art History programme was the only university to offer a subject on fashion history. From the start, I had my eye on an internship at MoMu: the museum's collection and vision stand out for me. Three years later, I am doing my internship here. I devoted my Bachelor's dissertation to the American fashion landscape during the two World Wars. During my Master’s, I am taking a different approach: I am conducting research on the revival of tapestry art in the 20th century. Therefore, it was an absolute must for me to refocus on fashion during my internship.

I am currently immersing myself in the use of lace by Belgian designers such as Jurgi Persoons and A.F. Vandevorst. I am also working on public texts for Modemuze, a Dutch platform for fashion and costume history. There, in turn, I write about Walter Van Beirendonck's silhouettes from the MoMu Collection. Not only the environment, but also the subject matter varies constantly. My plans for the future may change, but I would not rule out a further specialisation in fashion and costume history."

Xanthe did a Research internship of two months in the Collection department.

Maria De Rycke
Jeroen Broeckx

Maria De Rycke (27), Bachelor's student Fashion Technology, Hogeschool Gent

"My studies are geared towards a career in the clothing industry: pattern-making, cutting and sewing, fibre knowledge or product design, you learn to approach fashion from a technical point of view. We pay a lot of time and attention to the lifespan of clothing, and sustainability is held in high regard. At first glance, a museum may not seem like the most obvious place to intern. Many of my classmates do internships with a brand or company, but it just seemed interesting to go behind the scenes of a museum. And sustainability is an important aspect in any museum collection.

During my internship, I am working on the Glossy Surfaces Project: MoMu, together with several other museums, is looking for a solution to the problem of preserving plastics. I am currently conducting tests on fabric samples and mapping the results. My interests and studies come together nicely here. Where I would normally watch a fashion show on a screen, I can now admire pieces up close. My studies have also made me look at clothes differently. Before, I would have marvelled at the splendour of a garment, now I want to find out how it's put together."

Maria did a Conservation internship of three months in the Collection department.

Veronica Brunswijk
Jeroen Broeckx

Veronica Brunswijk (34), Bachelor's student Fashion Technology, Hogeschool Gent

"In 2019, I moved from Suriname to Belgium. I had been designing and selling clothes under my own name for some time in my hometown, Paramaribo. At some point, I wanted to gain more knowledge; however, Suriname does not offer courses in Fashion Technology. So I ended up in Belgium and eventually at MoMu. For my Bachelor’s dissertation, I am doing a comparative study on preventive conservation of silhouettes from the 1920s in different museums.

My internship was very hands-on from the get-go. I assist the team with the mounting of silhouettes and the preparation of condition reports. Less than two weeks into my internship, I was already helping out 'in the field'. That exhibition, 'Geometrically Wired', is now open. Meanwhile, we are hard at work as we gear up for 'Man Ray and Fashion'. There is a lot of room for creativity and I learn something new every day: there is a lot of resourcefulness involved in bringing a collection piece to life on a mannequin. Ultimately, I hope to take the inspiration and knowledge I have gained over the past few years to Suriname and perhaps raise the local fashion scene to a higher level."

Veronica did a Costume Mounting internship of three months in the Collection department.

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