• MoMu Talks to Julius Persoone, the Chocolatier behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection

    Chocolatier Julius Persoone translated twelve silhouettes from the MoMu Collection into as many unique chocolates. He walks us through the inspiration behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection. Read more.
  • MoMu's Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas from MoMu to You!

    Looking for the ideal Christmas gift or want to treat yourself? At MoMu Shop, you will find everything for a blissful end-of-year. Avoid holiday shopping stress with six gift ideas from MoMu to you. Read more.
  • And the MoMu Award Goes to... Laura Meier Hagested

    MoMu sits down with recent Antwerp Fashion Department graduate and MoMu Award winner Laura Meier Hagested to discuss the inspiration behind her collection '(Please) Lose Yourself In Me' and her plans for the future. Read more.
  • The Story behind the Trench Coat: Deconstruction of an Archetypal Garment

    The collection presentation currently includes a selection of deconstructed trench coats by avant-garde Belgian designers. How much do you know about the story behind this archetypal garment? Read more.
  • Antwerp Pride 2023: Expressive Pioneers

    In honour of this year’s Antwerp Pride, MoMu gives the floor to Jordy Arthur Vaesen, Dana Montana, and Lennie Blockmans, three young LGBTQIA+ people who are engaging in self-expression through fashion in different ways. Read more.
  • Sustainability in Exhibition Spaces

    Sustainability is high on the agenda for museums today. Production Manager Marie Vandecasteele - together with the scenographers and curators - is turning the exhibition spaces into a more conscious place. Read more.
  • MoMu Collection Abroad: Understanding the Process of Loans

    Curator of Collections Wim Mertens explains what a museum loan is and why loans are essential when it comes to putting new exhibitions together. Read more.
  • MoMu Shop: Summer Staples with a Touch of MoMu

    Summer is almost upon us. MoMu Shop has everything in store to make your sunny days even brighter. From exclusive collaborations to inspiring literature, we present four must-haves for a very fashionable summer. Read more.
  • The Influence of Man Ray on Belgian Designers

    Romy Cockx, Curator behind 'Man Ray and Fashion', discusses the radical nature and visionary edge of Man Ray’s images, as well as the relevance of Surrealism to Belgian culture as a whole. Read more.
  • Meet the Interns

    Behind the scenes, MoMu is able to count on the support and expertise of a diverse group of interns who undertake short- or long-term internships in various departments. Meet the museum's interns. Read more.