• Manage Your Terms with Opentheso

    With the Dries Van Noten Study Center, MoMu brings together the activities of the study collection and research projects all in one place. During a recent workshop, we zoomed in on the management of thesauri and the use of the open source tool Opentheso. Read more.
  • An Ann Demeulemeester to Sit On

    MoMu has recently been able to boast of having several made-to-measure designs by Ann Demeulemeester. This time, they are not her fashion silhouettes, but her new furniture designs. Demeulemeester discusses her ever-growing interior line. Read more.
  • The Story behind Raf Simons / Robert Mapplethorpe

    A new display in the MoMu Collection presentation focuses on the American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-89), and how his work inspired Raf Simons’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection. Read more.
  • MoMu's Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Entire Family!

    If you listen closely, you can already hear the Christmas bells ringing. Holiday shopping stress? MoMu Shop has got you covered with gift ideas that are bound to put a smile on your mom's, dad's, kid's or favourite fashion fanatic's face. Read more.
  • Donor in the Spotlight: Stan Schoonbaert

    The MoMu Library regularly receives donations which enable us to grow our collection. In the spotlight today: Stan Schoonbaert's personal Bartsons collection. Read more.
  • Meet our MoMu Friends

    Get acquainted with two friends of the museum as they share the story behind their membership and their close ties to MoMu. Read more.
  • Exploding Fashion: The Art of Pattern-Making

    Alistair O'Neill, curator at Central Saint Martins and one of the members of the research team behind 'Exploding Fashion' on the importance of pattern-making. Read more.
  • Directors in Dialogue

    A conversation between Kaat Debo (MoMu) an Bart Marius (Dr. Guislain Museum) on the collaboration between both museums leading up to the joint exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche'. Read more.
  • And the MoMu Award Goes to... Alise Anna Dzirniece

    MoMu sits down with recent Antwerp Fashion Department graduate and MoMu Award winner Alise Anna Dzirniece to discuss her time spent at the Academy, the inspiration behind her collection 'Unapologetic Feast' and her plans for the future. Read more.
  • Antwerp Pride 2022: Gender Boundaries Are to Be Flouted

    In honour of this year’s Antwerp Pride, MoMu illuminates the rich history of queer fashion and zooms in on women who defy conservative societal expectations and express their sexuality and gender identity through their choice of clothing. Read more.