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MoMu’s Holiday Gift Guide: 7 gift ideas from MoMu to you!

With Christmas right around the corner, it is always quite the challenge to find the perfect gift. Not sure what to get your loved ones? MoMu has got you covered! Our MoMu Shop offers contemporary items by young design talent and fun gadgets that are locally sourced and durably produced. Here are 7 gift ideas from MoMu to you available to shop in our MoMu Shop

1. Exhibition catalogue

Exhibition catalogues of MoMu

With each exhibition, we have published exhibition catalogues where readers can fully indulge themselves into the subjects of our exhibitions. Our catalogues are a great Christmas present where you can snuggle up with in front of the fireplace of have it laying around as a coffee-table book.

2. MoMu x Delvaux Kiss Pouch

Delvaux x MoMu Kiss Pouch designed by Christian Wijnants
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

Got a friend or family member who loves handbags? We collaborated with a true icon within the fashion world: Delvaux. We asked four established Belgian designers to give their own spin to the Delvaux Kiss Pouch. The result? One-of-a-kind limited edition Delvaux Kiss pouches with a personal creative touch by Christian Wijnants, Meryll Rogge, UNRUN and Charlotte De Geyter from BERNADETTE.

3. +32 MoMu Xclusive Collection

MoMu x +32
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

With their shared passion for art, design, fashion and music, the multidisciplinary collective of 12 Belgium-based creatives known as +32 present their '+32 MoMu Xclusive' collection at MoMu! The entire collection is a homage to Antwerp and is now available in our MoMu Shop!

4. MoMu x Arte scarf

MoMu x Arte scarf
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

With temperatures dropping rapidly we want you stay warm when visiting MoMu! Shop this Arte x MoMu scarf exclusively at MoMu! We teamed up with Arte Antwerp who has designed a limited-edition scarf by implementing its visually strong and colourful aesthetics.

5. 'Hot Legs' candle holders

'Hot Legs' candle holder by Laura Welker
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

Hand-crafted in Berlin – Laura Welker knows how to translate everyday objects into objects with a unique twist. The Antwerp Fashion Academy alumna designed these glazed ceramic 'hot legs' candle holders. Each pair comes with a set of candles and a stamped 'shoe box'.

6. A Good Company Sustainable Notebooks

MoMu x A Good Company notebook
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

Do not judge our notebooks by its cover! These A Good Company notebooks are all made using stone paper which means that leftover stone from local industries were transformed into paper in a process that uses no water or chemicals!

7. Limited Edition E/MOTION candle

E/MOTION candle
Photo: Matthias De Boeck, Graphic Design: Studio M

Nothing beats the cosiness of a candle on a cold evening! Produced to celebrate the opening of the 'E/MOTION' exhibition, this candle is handmade from rape seed wax. It emits a good clean smoke and burns soot-free, leaving little waste.

If you’re still stumped on what to get that special someone for the holiday, we suggest you to visit our MoMu shop to shop the items above and to discover many more!