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MoMu Talks to Julius Persoone, the Chocolatier behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection

Akhil Babu

MoMu and chocolatier Julius Persoone present a delectable collaboration: The MoMu Chocolate Collection. For this box of most exceptional pralines, Persoone translated twelve silhouettes from the MoMu Collection into as many unique chocolates. He walks us through the inspiration behind The MoMu Chocolate Collection.

The MoMu Chocolate Collection, €29.50

As the second generation at the helm of The Chocolate Line – voted 2023 Gault & Millau Chocolatier of the Year – he is no stranger to fashion. The family business has not only collaborated with numerous starred restaurants, but also with a range of fashion houses, including Louis Vuitton, Stephen Jones and Delvaux. In addition to his focus on sustainability, Persoone’s up-to-date vision of chocolate makes him passionate about colours and developing new flavours.

It was fantastic to come up with this box by way of a range of different techniques. I found it a great honour and unique opportunity to design something for such leading fashion designers.

Julius Persoone

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester, Spring-Summer 1997
MoMu Collection inv. X1522, Photo: Stany Dederen

This refined design in black and white echoes Ann Demeulemeester's style. Inside, Persoone mixes rosemary with smoked wood from Papua New Guinea. The smoky notes refer to the woods of her furniture line for Serax.

Raf Simons

Raf Simons, Autumn-Winter 1999-2000
MoMu Collection inv. X1566, Photo: Stany Dederen

The dark colour and mushroom shape of this funky design are consistent with Raf Simons's visual language, which fuses elements of rebellious youth culture and classic men's apparel. Inside, the chocolatier mixes black chanterelle with smoky beurre noisette and Madong chocolate.

Chintz, 1750-1800

Chintz, 1750-1800
MoMu Collection inv. T12/14/B4, T12/26/B26, Photo: Stany Dederen

Using dried edible flowers and the light-yellow shine of turmeric, Persoone mimics the design of these 18th-century fabrics. The combination of magnolia and salted caramel recalls the overseas aspect.

Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten, Spring-Summer 2020
MoMu Collection inv. X1579, Photo: Stany Dederen

The bright colours of this design are an ode to Dries Van Noten's Indian-inspired period. Inside, the chocolatier continues this inspiration with an interweaving of coconut and cardamom with strongly scented kaffir lime and kosho.


Y/Project, Autumn-Winter 2022-23
MoMu Collection inv. X2005, Photo: Stany Dederen

In this praline, Persoone fuses the colours of the coral reef with the flavours of the North Sea. By combining green plankton and algae with caviar and North Sea dashi bouillon, he refers to Glenn Martens's West Flanders roots.


Botter, Spring-Summer 2021
MoMu Collection inv. T22/1846/1-2, Photo: Stany Dederen

This creation refers to the Caribbean roots of Dutch designer duo Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh. The aromas of peanut, onion and coffee evoke the Antilles and the perfume of leather follows from the design of this crossover between sneakers and sandals.

Meryll Rogge

Meryll Rogge, Spring-Summer 2023
MoMu Collection inv. X2207A, Photo: Stany Dederen

This praline with the notes of a typical game dish refers to the collaboration between Meryll Rogge and Swiss artist Beni Bischof, known for his Rambo and Bambi books. As such, Persoone combines cranberry with dried venison and demi-glace sauce.

Dirk Van Saene

Dirk Van Saene, Autumn-Winter 2019-20
MoMu Collection inv. X334, Photo: Stany Dederen

Don't be fooled by the classic girly facade of this creation. Because just like Dirk Van Saene, the chocolatier is playing with the trompe-l'oeil effect here. Inside, the praline tastes like a full Black Forest gateau.

Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck - W.&L.T., Autumn-Winter 1996-97 Wonderland
MoMu Collection inv. X1552, Photo: Stany Dederen

This design with the look and feel of tentacles and suction cups shares the otherworldly touch of Walter Van Beirendonck's creations. Inside, Persoone continues on from this with the surprising mix of chewy fermented octopussy and caramel of cherry blossom.

Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela, Spring-Summer 1996
MoMu Collection inv. X1433, Photo: Stany Dederen

The mysterious character of this praline is parallel to the enigmatic anonymity of the mask in Martin Margiela's designs. In addition to the reindeer moss and forest theme, the chocolatier evokes this atmosphere through the fusion of moss and hemp seed.

Olivier Theyskens

Olivier Theyskens, Autumn-Winter 1998-99
MoMu Collection inv. X831, Photo: Stany Dederen

As in Olivier Theyskens's collections, Persoone plays with an exterior that hides and reinforces the sensual underneath. Only when you bite into it do you see the nipple of fermented raspberry with the breast milk ganache.

Jan-Jan Van Essche

Jan-Jan Van Essche, Autumn-Winter 2022-23 A Horizon
MoMu Collection inv. X2265, Photo: Stany Dederen

The dark outside of this praline contrasts sharply with the almost fluorescent orange of the saffron and lime filling. The filling, in which different flavours come together, builds on the intercultural vibe of Jan-Jan Van Essche's designs.

The MoMu Chocolate Collection, €29.50
Stany Dederen