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MoMu's Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Gift Ideas from MoMu to You!

Jeroen Broeckx

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift or want to treat yourself? At MoMu Shop, you will find everything for a blissful end-of-year. Avoid holiday shopping stress with six gift ideas from MoMu to you.

1. Simone Rocha Jewellery and Accessories

Simone Rocha earrings €315-340, socks €60

Take home a wearable memento of ECHO. Wrapped in Memory with Simone Rocha's earrings based on sculptures by Louise Bourgeois. Ardent fans will also love her socks and hairpins.

2. Mikio Sakabe Notebook

Notebook Mikio Sakabe, €16

A notebook for all your thoughts. Problems overcoming the blank page? Get inspired by the cover drawing by fashion designer Mikio Sakabe, founder of the pioneering Japanese footwear brand Grounds.

3. Laura Meier Hagested Scarves

Scarves Laura Meier Hagested, €75

Laura Meier Hagested is this year's winner of the MoMu Award. She created three limited edition scarves exclusively for MoMu Shop. The silk scarves are hand sewn and printed with prints from the graduation collection she designed at the Antwerp Fashion Department.

4. ECHO. Wrapped in Memory Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition catalogue ECHO. Wrapped in Memory, €45

The essays and interviews in this book delve deeper into the emotional memories attached to clothing. Amongst others, Charlie Porter looks at Louise Bourgeois's inspired handling of clothing and Lou Stoppard engages in conversation with Simone Rocha, two of the protagonists in ECHO.

5. MoMu Friend or MoMu Circle Membership

MoMu Friend or MoMu Circle membership, from €70
Jeroen Broeckx

MoMu Friends enjoy free admission, all year long, exclusive tours and discounts on numerous activities. In for more exclusive meeting opportunities? Join MoMu Circle and be the first to visit our new exhibitions or take a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum. Buy your membership here

6. The MoMu Chocolate Collection

The MoMu Chocolate Collection, €29.50
Stany Dederen

Chocolatier Julius Persoone has designed twelve unique pralines, each inspired by one of twelve silhouettes from the MoMu Collection. The box of designer chocolates will undoubtedly appeal to every fashion lover and gourmet; a superb gift tip for celebrations at the end of the year.

If you still don't know what to give that special someone, be sure to visit MoMu Shop to take home any of the above gifts and discover many more! More info