Library and study collection

Until September 8, 2021, we will be moving our library collection back to MoMu. Until then, the library will be closed and not available to visit

Temporarily closed

Until September 8, 2021
Moving back to MoMu

Library collection

Conduct your fashion research at home

We know it might not be easy to conduct fashion research solely relying on online sources. We have noticed this problem from the get-go and offer a digital solution that might help you with your research at home!

What is the study collection?

Some objects in the study collection are kept lying down in boxes free of acid and lignin. Regular cardboard would damage the object on the long term.

MoMu believes that direct contact with materials and techniques can be very educational. That is why MoMu has created a study collection, a separate collection intended to teach visitors about fashion by allowing them to study objects up close.

The study collection can be used for scientific research, as teaching material or as inspiration. You will be able consult the study collection from Autumn 2021 onwards or you can already have a look on our online database, do note that this is still in a testing phase.