A beret in goes feathers in the shape of a wing.

MoMu loan at the Museum of World Culture in Sweden

For their exhibition, "A World of Feathers" by Världskulturmuseerna (the Museum for World Culture) in Sweden, two hats by British designer Stephen Jones are being presented.

Exhibition image of "A World of Feathers" show in the museum of World Culture in Sweden.
"A World of Feathers" exhibition in Världskulturmuseerna
Photo: Beatrice Tornros

The hats Ladies Day (Spring-Summer 1999) and Hawk (Spring-Summer 2014) are part of the Bruloot-Michiels collection, which consists of more than one hundred fifty hats by designer Stephen Jones. The collection has been conserved by MoMu through a long-term loan.

"A World of Feathers" explores how feathers are used around the world: to decorate objects and clothing, as status symbols, or to give some extra colour to our lives. Throughout history, birds and their feathers have inspired people worldwide, from Papua New Guinea to the catwalks of Paris.