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Meet the MoMu Guides

If you've ever joined a Lazy Sunday or Fashion Walk, you are bound to have crossed paths with MoMu's many passionate guides. Together with the hospitality team and museum guards, they are often the face of the museum. We gave the floor to Michiel and Manon, two of our MoMu guides.

Manon Verbeeck (36), actress

Manon Verbeeck
Akhil Babu

MANON VERBEECK: "I love how every silhouette exhibited at MoMu is steeped in fashion history. When I obtained my master's degree in Art History and Archaeology in 2012, I realised how much I thrived in museums. I wanted to bring the stories behind museum objects to life. The variety and ever-changing pace in museums, not only in terms of their collections, but also the diversity of the visitors, continue to attract and motivate me. In fact, you always tailor a tour to the group in front of you. I ended up at MoMu after its reopening in 2021. I had been a fan of the museum for some time. I immediately felt a connection with the public information officers and other guides. My assignment is always changing: I give guided tours and fashion walks to very different groups of people. It sometimes happens that a participant is initially very unsure about an assignment, but then completely opens up during a workshop. I love seeing that evolution."

Michiel Warmenbol (36), primary school teacher, Via Louiza Antwerp

Michiel Warmenbol
Akhil Babu

MICHIEL WARMENBOL: "As a child, I often visited the Vrieselhof in Oelegem, MoMu's predecessor, where I sometimes participated in textile workshops. Fashion has always fascinated me. From an early age on, I made design sketches on paper. I also remember the fashion year Mode 2001 Landed-Geland very well. I was a young teenager and it stirred something in me. I always wanted to tell the stories behind fashion and art. That's how I eventually started guiding. I am not only involved at MoMu, but also at a few other museums in the city of Antwerp. I also teach foreign-language newcomers in primary education. A fascinating mix that creates a wonderful synergy between art and education, two worlds that are close to my heart. I mainly guide children and young adults. The MoMu Collection is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the ever-changing exhibitions always offer new stories. That makes every exhibition a challenge. My most special memory remains the visit of a primary school class. One pupil really wasn't up for the tour at first. Afterwards, he came to see me: he had not expected to enjoy it so much. Broadening the view of visitors, that's what I do it for!"

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