MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche

MoMu joins forces with Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent for the new joint exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR'.

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'MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche' is a joint exhibition by MoMu and Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent. It investigates the interconnections between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity.

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How do contemporary fashion designers and artists challenge beauty ideals? Can clothing protect us mentally and give us strength? The exhibition at MoMu puts our personal experience of our bodies centre stage. An unexpected and surprising dialogue between art installations and avant-garde fashion highlights such themes as body dysmorphia, the layered meanings and history of human replicas, such as dolls and mannequins, and the symbiosis between art, fashion and technology in the form of cyborgs and avatars.

  • Mario Del Curto, Eijiro Miyama, 2014
    Mario Del Curto
  • Viktor & Rolf, ‘Russian Doll’ collection, Autumn-Winter 1999-00
    Bardo Fabiani
  • Dirk Van Saene, Autumn-Winter 2019-20
    Ronald Stoops
  • Simone Rocha, Spring-Summer 2021
    Andrew Nuding

Apparel and style do not emerge solely from the heads of well-known fashion designers, but can be created in isolation, in the privacy of someone's living room or even a psychiatric hospital. Garments can send a message or be the fulfilment of deep yearnings, and go on to engage in dialogue with the world of fashion. The Dr. Guislain Museum brings together exceptional artists, each of whom uses textiles to give themselves a place in the world. Their creations might be hidden to the world, or revealed to just a few, but can also be worn with pride on the catwalk of the street.

  • 1/6
    Stany Dederen
  • 2/6
    Stany Dederen
  • 3/6
    Stany Dederen
  • 4/6
    Stany Dederen
  • 5/6
    Stany Dederen
  • 6/6
    Stany Dederen

MoMu presents the work of artists such as Cindy Sherman, Ed Atkins, Genesis Belanger, Hans Bellmer and Genieve Figgis, in dialogue with creations by designers such as Comme des Garçons, Simone Rocha, Walter Van Beirendonck and Viktor & Rolf.

MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche

MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche
Graphic design: Paul Boudens | Video: Jeroen Lommelen | Music: Stef Caers

Dr. Guislain Museum shows work by Marcel Bascoulard, Jane Fradgley, Christopher Kane, Yumiko Kawai, Bas Kosters & Ayse Somuncu, Ezekiel Messou, Giovanni Batista Podestà, Kenneth Rasmussen, Melina Riccio, Joseph Schneller, Henry Speller, Pascal Tassini, A.F.Vandevorst, Giuseppe Versino, ROB Walbers, Nana Yamazaki and more...

Exhibition under the lead of
Curators MoMu: Kaat Debo, Elisa De Wyngaert
Exhibition design: HuismanvanMerode
Graphic design: Paul Boudens

Campaign image: 'Paper Surgery’ by Veronika Georgieva in collaboration with Stephen j Shanabrook, 2010 Image used in Comme des Garçons Shirt ad campaign Spring-Summer 2010.