Malign Muses, When Fashion Turns Back

"Malign Muses, When Fashion Turns Back" depicts in several ways how fashion and dress relate to their origin and past.

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    MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

Description of the exhibition

Judith Clark, curator of the exhibition and architect by training, takes a personal look at the relationship between contemporary fashion and its history.

Clark states that fashion always has a sort of love affair with its history and with former periods of style. "Malign Muses" is about re-enactement, and recycling. But, when you look back, are things bigger or smalle? Is anything new?

'Malign Muses' is the first collaboration between the Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp MoMu, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

The exhibition contains a selection of items, both historical and contemporary, drawn from the permanent collections of the Fashion Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as from the archives of several designers.

"Malign Muses" opens from September 18th, 2004 until January 30th, 2005, and will be on at the Contemporary Space at the Victoria & Albert Museum from February 22nd, 2004 until May 8th, 2005, which makes it an entirely unique project.

Exhibition under the lead of
Curator: Judith Clark | Scenographer: Judith Clark