As part of Europalia Italia, the MoMu presents the exhibition "GenovanversaeviceversA". It is based on "Arte e Lusso della Seta a Genova dal '500' al '700'", an exhibition held in Genoa in 2000-2001 on the design and use of silk in Italy from the 16th to 18th century.

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    MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

Description of the exhibition

In "GenovanversaeviceversA", MoMu links the ports of Antwerp and Genoa, both of which enjoyed a period of great economic and cultural growth during the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque in the 17th century.

MoMu reflects on the past from a contemporary point of view. "GenovanversaeviceversA" is consequently not simply an account of historical research, nor an enumeration of the works loaned from the exhibition in Genoa. Together with the designers Angelo Figus we have created a setting in which these baroque objects, paintings, and fabrics come alive again in a contemporary context. The exhibition space is divided into 15 rooms, each linking Antwerp and Genoa in different angles. In these rooms the 17th and 18th century paintings and textiles are combined in a surprising way with contemporary textiles created by Italian and Belgian designers including Missoni, Gianfranco Ferré, Romeo Gigli, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester, Roberto Cavalli, Ennio Capasa for Costume National, Moschino, Etro, and Mantero.

In addition to historical and contemporary textiles, the exhibition shows Genoese portraits, a portrait by Anton Van Dyck (on loan from the Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Domenico) and paintings by Catherine Pepijn, Eglon Hendrick van der Neer, Peter Van Lint, Daniel Seghers, and Frans Danys (on loan from KMSKA).

Exhibition under the lead of
Curators: Angelo Figus & Marzia Cataldi Gallo | Scenographer: Angelo Figus