A/part - 20 unique products in 20 shops in Antwerp

For the reopening of MoMu 20 unique collabs were set up between fashion designers, creatives ànd retailers from Antwerp. The results of these 20 collabs are 20 unique products, available for purchase in Antwerp between November 4 and 20.

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    Various locations in Antwerp

Description of the exhibition

For A/part 20 unique collaborations were set up between established and upcoming talents in fashion, art, music, film ànd retail. To curate the selection of the participating parties, artist and musician Baloji was approached. The Belgian multi-talent has a unique vision and network and was able to establish surprising and original collaborations, and stimulate creative crossovers. According to curator Baloji the public can expect nothing less than surprising collabs and highly original products.

Do you want to be among the first to discover the collector's items? Then come to Antwerp on Thursday evening 4 November, when all participating stores will be open until 8 p.m. for the launch of A/part. Street performances and festive music will turn your shopping experience into a real party. And, of course, the designers themselves will also be present. Now, how often do you get the chance to bump into Raf Simons, Tamino or Walter Van Beirendonck?

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The line-up of participating brands, designers, actors, musicians and retailers impresses by its diversity. It holds major retailers such as JBC, Essentiel Antwerp, Café Costume, and A.S.Adventure, young players such as KOMONO and VIER, upcoming fashion talent such as Meryll Rogge, Julie Kegels, D'heygere and Tom Vanderborght , and fashion household names such as Raf Simons, Christian Wijnants, Jan-Jan Van Essche, An Vandevorst & Filip Arickx, Wouters & Hendrix and Walter Van Beirendonck. Big names from the music industry like Tamino, from the film industry like Veerle Baetens, and designers and photographers like Pieter Stockmans and Mous Lamrabat also collaborated.

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By stimulating collaborations between fashion and other creative talents, A/part wants to put the spotlight on the local fashion and retail industry. The enormous pool of talent that makes Antwerp a fashion capital, is thus again confirmed.

Each collab resulted in a concrete product, every time surprising and unique. Ranging from clothing over jewels to design objects, each collab focused on creativity and innovation. All products will be temporarily available in the 20 participating shops in Antwerp between November 4 and 20.

Full overview of all participants

  • An Vandevorst & Filip Arickx / Lockwood Avenue

  • Art By CASH / JBC

  • Bo(y)smans / VIER

  • Brandon Wen / Café Costume

  • D'heygere / DEEWEE / Ganterie Boon

  • Dodi Espinosa / Eat Dust

  • FAÇON JACMIN / Wouters & Hendrix

  • HNST / Veerle Dejaeger / Monar

  • Jan-Jan Van Essche / Tamino / Atelier Solarshop

  • Julie Kegels / Essentiel Antwerp

  • Meryll Rogge / Kiosk Radio / The Lot Radio / Lefto / Kim Ann Foxman / Copyright Bookshop

  • Miglot Fragrance Lab / Nathalie Vleeschouwer

  • Raf Simons / Pieter Stockmans / Donum

  • Tessa Dixson / Lacuna Studios / Billion Avenue

  • Tom Vanderborght / A.S.Adventure

  • Veerle Baetens / Jill Antwerp

  • Walter Van Beirendonck / Mous Lamrabat / De Makers Gallery

  • YNGR / Anthony Nti / Labels Inc.

  • Yuma Labs / Christian Wijnants


Commissioned by the City of Antwerp and MoMu, Flanders DC hopes with this initiative to encourage cross-pollination between fashion and other creative sectors in the city while at the same time highlighting the local fashion and retail sectors. It's yet another confirmation of the huge amount of talent which makes Antwerp a fashion city.