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Danique standing next to lace hat from the collection of Fries Museum
Matthias De Boeck

In this series, employees and inspirational people choose their favourite piece from the MoMu exhibitions.

Rebecca staat naat het silhouet van Ester Manas, H/W 2019-2020
Matthias De Boeck
Ester Manas, A/W 2019-2020
MoMu Antwerp

Rebecca Ndodi, has worked as a receptionist at MoMu since 2021

“I chose the silhouette from the All Inclusive collection (Autumn-Winter 2019-2020) by Ester Manas in ‘E/MOTION’. Ester Manas is a sustainable and inclusive fashion brand that celebrates every woman and all shapes. As an advocate of body positivity, I can totally relate to her vision. The clothes are made in one size – one size fits all. That way, everything is also produced sustainably. As women, our bodies are constantly changing, whether due to pregnancy, ageing or that period after the holidays, etc."

How nice is it to have one piece in your wardrobe that you can keep wearing, no matter what stage of life you're in? A garment that adapts to your body and not the other way around ... so simple and yet revolutionary.

MoMu guide Guusje standing next to the Dries Van Noten A/W 2019-2020 dress
Matthias De Boeck
Dries Van Noten, A/W 2019-2020
Matthias De Boeck

Guusje Van Tilborgh, has worked as a guide at MoMu since 2015

“What strikes me is the combination of beauty and transience in the silhouette of Dries Van Noten in the first part of ‘E/MOTION’. The floral splendour that is unsurpassably beautiful and challenging. But nevertheless that hint of decay appearing through the imperfection, interspersed with wilted leaves or mourning flowers. It moves me that the designer was able to blend that into this creation so flawlessly. Definitely a piece to have in your wardrobe. Timeless, beautiful and so imposing, without sexist tendencies ... It makes you happy, although the black colour has a strong presence. It is as if to announce the ‘Momento mori’ (remember that you are impermanent) and at the same time inviting a response of 'Carpe diem’ (seize the day).”

Danique standing next to lace hat from the collection of Fries Museum
Matthias De Boeck
Scenography 'P.LACE.S - Looking through Antwerp lace'
Stany Dederen

Danique Klijs, has worked as an assistant curator at MoMu since January 2015.

“I have a special memory of this hat from the collection of the Fries Museum that we have on display in 'P.LACE.S', because it wasn't until quite a late stage that I realised the impressive form this piece could take on. In the preparatory phase of this exhibition, we worked with a photo in which this piece was depicted flat, lying in its box and therefore looking more like a veil than a hat. When the installation of the piece had to be coordinated with the lender, we were sent a video of it. By watching that video, I finally understood how the piece was worn and how impressive that was. In addition to its distinct shape, this hat also has a very original motif and you can clearly recognise a hot air balloon in the middle!”