MoMu Talks: The Story of Christian Dior

Registrar-researcher Bas Verwaetermeulen reveals the fascinating story behind the early Christian Dior which MoMu rediscovered in its archives.

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MoMu recently made an unusual discovery in its own depot: an evening gown in pink, silk organdie turned out, with certainty, to be an early Christian Dior. The gown was part of the 1948 Spring-Summer Haute Couture collection, the third collection of the French fashion house. Christian Dior named the design Flamant Rose.

Initially, within the MoMu collection policy, not much attention was paid to haute couture. The emphasis was on avant-garde ready-to-wear. Spontaneous internal investigations over the last year have revealed that the MoMu Collection in fact includes more haute couture than had previously been assumed, such as a unique gown by Christian Dior, which is on view in the collection presentation through mid-May.

During this MoMu Talk, registrar-researcher Bas Verwaetermeulen will reveal the fascinating story of Christian Dior and this iconic silhouette.

Stany Dederen