The image shows the exhibition cover with a deconstructed fake Burberry jacket

Objets d’étude: Disrupting current ideologies of fashion museums

From 4 to 12 May, the MA program in Fashion Studies at the New School Parsons Paris presents a unique collaboration with MoMu, culminating in an exhibition entitles "Objets d’étude: The Politics of the Study Collection in the Fashion Museum".

The exhibition examines the MoMu study collection along with eleven silhouettes from designers such as Dior and Yamamoto, as well as a deconstructed fake Burberry coat. During the opening night academics and experts such as Miren Arzalluz (Galliera Museum) and Dieter Suls (MoMu) will be discussing topics covering the politics of collecting and exhibiting fashion in museums, and the use and role of the study collections for fashion designers and other practitioners.

Students from Parsons Paris travelled from Paris to Antwerp for a 2-day private workshop at MoMu study collection, where they selected the pieces they wanted to study. They then spent several months preparing the exhibition for which they are bringing their selected pieces to Paris for this rare opportunity for exchange and insight.

The study collection of MoMu comprises historical, contemporary and ethnic clothing, fragments and samples. This more accessible collection is made up from a donation by Ms. Jacoba de Jonge and by Ms. Frieda Verhees, a long-term loan from the department of Conservation-Restoration at the University of Antwerp, as well as pieces from MoMu.

Visit the exhibition from 4 to 12 May at Le Coeur Gallery, 83 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris.