Sennek donating her Eurovision Song Festival stage outfit to MoMu

New Acquisition: Sennek has donated her Eurovision Song Festival stage outfit!

MoMu is very excited to receive Sennek's stage outfit for Eurovision Song Festival 2018 designed by Veronique Branquinho!

Sennek’s (Laura Groeseneken) stage outfit plays with contrasts, representing one of Veronique Branquinho’s signatures: a sensual and transparent tulle dress with details in pleated velvet worn over masculine trousers. Branquinho does not design silhouettes that seek attention, but rather garments that are sensual in a discrete manner.  This subtlety was not expected in the Eurovision context, this in turn makes the rather androgynous choice even more intersting. Sennek's Eurosvision adventure adds an extra layer of meaning to the garments. MoMu is honoured to add the look to its collection as its very first Eurovision silhouette. 

Sennek and MoMu curator Elisa with Sennek's stage outfit designed by Veronique Branquinho
Monica Ho