Antwerp Queer Arts Festival

From August 2nd to 12thAntwerp Queer Arts Festival will take place at different venues in Antwerp. Antwerp Queer Arts Festival is an international arts festival, questioning gender and sexual diversity.

To celebrate the fifth edition of the Festival, PhD researcher in Fashion and Gender Studies and A* Antwerp Gender and Sexuality Network member Nicola Brajato will be part of the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival with a talk on Queer Fashion in collaboration with MoMu.

Based on this year AQAf’s topic “OUT OF FOCUS”, MoMu’s curator Elisa will give an introduction to the talk and Nicola will analyze how fashion has been/is used to put subjects in or out of focus from a social and inclusive perspective, showing how the approach to dress has changed during history in relation to gender identity and the body. It will be a journey in what it means to be queer through fashion, a subversion of dress from an identity code to a resistance one, revealing the importance of fashion for our own self-determination as human beings.

Furthermore make sure to keep an eye on the Instagram account of MoMu because the Antwerp Queer Arts Festival will be taking over the account and curate the content for 10 days!