Study collection

MoMu believes that direct contact with materials and techniques can be very educational. That is why MoMu has created a study collection, which is available for visitors to examine close up.

The study collection can be used for academic research, as teaching material or for inspiration. You will be able consult the study collection from 2020 onwards.

The collection is composed of a donation by Jacoba de Jonge, a long-term loan from the department of Conservation-Restoration at the University of Antwerp and pieces from MoMu.

Frieda Dauphin-Verhees from collected pieces that were typical for a certain era. These silhouettes characterise the transition between the 1950s and 1960s.
Two silhouettes from around 1960 from the collection of Frieda Dauphin-Verhees
MoMu Antwerp | Stany Dederen

In 2017, costume designer Frieda Dauphin-Verhees donated part of her private collection to the study collection, in collaboration with the department of Costume Design of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, .

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign with and Europeana, MoMu can make a variety of educational tools based on the study collection.

Frieda Dauphin-Verhees talks about her collection

Frieda Dauphin-Verhees talks about her collection
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

What is in the study collection?

The study collection consists of approximately 1,000 objects. You can consult these in an online database. Please note, the database is still in its testing phase.

Questions or remarks

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