• And the MoMu Award goes to...

    Each year MoMu grants the ‘MoMu Award’ to an MA student of the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. This award is granted to the student whose work stands out because of its unique graphic language with a photoshoot! Read more.
  • Meet SOFT? artist: Klaas Rommelaere

    Klaas Rommelaere graduated from the fashion department at KASK Gent in '13. He focuses on visual art inspired by his personal life, family, etc. Rommelaere expresses himself through textile and crafts, creating flags, tapestries, masks and installations. Read more.
  • MoMu & Mvslim: Modest Fashion Forum

    In partnership with MoMu, Mvslim (online community uniting people from different backgrounds and cultures) will hold its first Modest Fashion Forum in Antwerp. 8 speakers will provide insights into the modest fashion industry within the European context. Read more.
  • Meet SOFT? artist: Nel Aerts

    Nel Aerts pushes the boundaries of traditional media. With the flat perspective, characteristic figures, reoccurring patterns, and a signature colour palette, her visual language is instantly recognizable in every medium. Read more.
  • Meet SOFT? artist: Anton Cotteleer

    Anton Cotteleer transforms human and animal shapes into alienating sculptures. Recently Cotteleer completed his research project, ‘The Skin of Sculpture’ at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Read more.
  • More SOFT? in the city: A talk with gallerists Sofie Van de Velde and Jason Poirier dit Caulier

    For ‘SOFT? Tactile Dialogues’, Jason Poirier dit Caulier and Sofie Van de Velde each curated an exhibition for their galleries in Berchem. ABC Klubhuis also participates in the SOFT? extra muros parcours in their own unique way. Read more.
  • Five MoMu videos you should watch now!

    Over the last few years MoMu has produced a series of videos that tell the backstory of an exhibition or go deeper into certain aspects that could not be told in the exhibition itself. MoMu made a selection of five videos that you should watch now! Read more.
  • The history of the MoMu building

    The building in which MoMu is housed speaks continuously to the imagination. It is the perfect moment to look back at the story of MoMu now that the museum is officially closed until 2020 due to renovation works, Read more.
  • MoMu's Renovation and the Future

    MoMu will undergo a major renovation that will be completed in Autumn 2020. The expansion project will facilitate a permanent exhibition of MoMu's collection. Read more.