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Meet our MoMu Young Voices

MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Meet our MoMu Young Voices: 11 youngsters between the ages of 19 – 29 years old with a shared passion for fashion and art. In collaboration with MoMu, these young enthusiasts will present their first event on 5 October at Bar Chapel. Who are they and what are they the most excited about?

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Vincent

Vincent | 23 years | student | @vincentvlaeken

Our event is about one thing only: inclusion. By using art, we want to attract as many young people with different backgrounds. We searched for young artists specialized in different disciplines. I look forward to seeing everything come together. One of the highlights of our event is definitly the beautiful location. You have to come just for the location! It's going to be a combination of different art forms worth discovering. Fun guaranteed!

It's important to involve young people in museums which often has an outdated image. Museums can change this image by collaborating with young people.

Vincent Van Laeken
Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Anouk
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Anouk | 29 years | Marketing coordinator at L’Officiel Belgium | @anouklannoo

Nowadays there is too much focus on anything online. MoMu Young Voices are a group of young people who come together, live in the moment and connect with fellow creative minds in real life. We are a group of young creative-minded people with different backgrounds and a shared passion for fashion and art. I am excited for our event!

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Boris

Boris Roskams |18 years | student Fashion | @greetings_frm_pluteau

I was looking for a new challenge when I bumped into MoMu's call looking for MoMu Young Voices on Instagram. Experiencing fashion in another way was something I really wanted to be a part of. Our event will bring different groups of people together.

The event should not only focus on youth who are into fashion but also people who aren't necessarily into fashion should feel welcome!

Boris Roskams
Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Carolien

Carolien | 22 years | student Art Sciences | @carolienbackx

Working with other young people who are also interested in fashion was an opportunity I could not miss out on. Our event is all about inclusion. The exhibition will feature young talents with inclusion as the focus point. Furthermore, expect to see live acts!

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Eveline
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Eveline | 22 years | student Event & Project Management | @eveline_vdd

I signed up for MoMu Young Voices because I am a big fan of MoMu! Even when I lived and studied in France, I interned for MoMu! The youth crew seemed like the perfect opportunity to apply everything I've learned at school. The event that MoMu Young Voices will organize will bring young people together despite their age, gender, background and sexual preferences.

We will address current issues in a creative manner by using art installations.

Eveline Van Den Driessche
Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Farah

Farah | 29 years | freelance fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant | @farahelbastani

I live and breathe fashion. I wanted to join MoMu Young Voices because I wanted to incorporate inclusion, a subject close to my heart. Many young people might think that MoMu attracts an older and mostly a caucasian audience. I want to change that impression of MoMu with our team. Young fashionistas, artsy and cool people will look forward to this event. Spoiler alert: expect a lot of colour and beautiful drama!

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Lars
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Lars | 26 years | freelance stylist | juwelry & Visual Merchandiser at Monar | @larsmathijs

It seemed like a great experience to work alongside an institution such as MoMu and to organize events by youngsters for youngsters.

The interaction between the various young artists will create a fascinating exhibition. We want the audience to feel the power of these young, talented artists!

Lars Mathijssen
Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Linne
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Linne Dierckx | 23 years | student Cultural Management | @linnedierckx

I'm a fan of letting young people activily participate in museums. It's a great chance to be able to create something for young people by young people with MoMu. I interned at MoMu so I didn't hesitate to join the team!

The event that we are organizing will include an interesting mix of different art forms. It's a way to put inclusion and diversity in the spotlight. Trying to involve the audience regardless of their background is something I find really important. We hope to pass this message and hope the event will make people think. The event takes place from 12pm until 12am. The evening agenda is something to lookf forward to: a total experience with art and special acts. Above all, the location is really nice! Young talents will take this event to another level. Forget your regular saturday night party. Be prepared!

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Pieter
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Pieter | 23 year | student Cultural Management | @pieteramb

Our exhibition that we have in store in not your regular exhibition. It's going to be a place where everyone will feel at home, where we challenge the norms and engage in dialogue. We are the future and this is how we think. I look forward to the reactions of the visitors. Will they be shocked or will they share our opinion?

As young people, we can make museums think about their future audience. Because we are them after all.

Pieter Bosmans
Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Sarah
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Sarah Dimani | 26 years | graphic designer & social media influencer | @saraahdii

We’re the voice of the future. The combination of MoMu and us having a say in everything, completely convinced me in joining this group! The clash of different styles and subcultures will be exhibited at the event. Connecting people is our goal!

Meet our MoMu Young Voice: Sarah
MoMu Antwerp | Monica Ho

Sarah | 22 year | student Media & Entertainment Business | @sarah.elmes

I love museums and love visiting exhibitions in my spare time. I was looking for an opportunity in the creative sector to broaden my horizon and to get to know new people. I was immediately convinced when I heard that we could do anything we wanted. I want to include young creative people and trying to showcase their talents. We want to start a conversation between young people from different backgrounds and try to connect different visions or opinions.

With our event we want to reach everyone. It's all about inclusion. I look forward to different artists who all work towards the same goal. It's their time to shine!

Sarah El Mesaoudi
MoMu is closed for renovations, open to inspire at other locations. Read more about it.