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Time to get creative at home with our DIY videos!

How to make a sock puppet!
MoMu Antwerp | Anouk Robbeets

What better time to let those creative juices flow than during holidays? As in previous years, MoMu will once again be offering a varied assortment of children’s workshops during the school holidays. During these one-day workshops kids from ages 6 to 12 get the chance to reveal their inner artist, always starting from a different theme like masks, lace, recycling, or the oeuvre of a particular designer.

Children will get a chance to immerse themselves into the exhibition, but most importantly, children will get creative themselves. At the end of the day, they go home with a unique, self-made piece of art as well as a solid dose of inspiration and creative ideas to execute at home.

Are you curious about these workshops? In the videos below, we offer a little sneak-peek. With the help of two young creatives, we tested out a couple of simple DIY-projects, using everyday and recycled materials.

How to make a sock puppet

Who says socks only belong on your feet? Transform old socks into hand puppets with funky hairstyles and colourful accessories. You might end up with an entire cast for your own puppet theatre production!

How to make a rag rug

In for a challenge? Gather all your friends to make a bigger-than-life rag rug! This is one of the best ways to give scraps of fabric or old clothes a second life.

How to make a tote bag

Transform old undershirts into handy tote bags in the blink of an eye! A white undershirt gives you blank canvas when it comes to decorating your bag, but a coloured or patterned top will also end up in a beautiful result.

Have we sparked your interest? More information about our workshops can be found on our website. Keep a close eye on this page to be the first to know about future workshops!

MoMu is closed for renovations, open to inspire at other locations. Read more about it.