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Five MoMu videos you should watch now!

Over the last few years MoMu has produced a series of videos that tell the backstory of an exhibition or go deeper into certain aspects that could not be told in the exhibition itself. MoMu made a selection of five videos that you should watch now!

1. Game Changers exhibition – Human Sanctuary

For the ‘Game Changers’ exhibition in 2016, MoMu presented a life-size hologram, ‘Human Sanctuary’, in which designers from the past and present meet each other. In a coproduction with fashion photographer Daniel Sannwald, choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Eastman) and Belgian top model Hannelore Knuts, the relation between body and garment is brought to life in a hologram.

2. Footprint – The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion: Customized ‘Tabi’ boot, Maison Martin Margiela S/S 1990

Geert Bruloot, retail pioneer and mastermind behind the infamous Antwerp Six, collaborated with MoMu in 2015 with the Footprint – The Tracks of Shoes in Fashion exhibition. The exhibition was composed of a selection from MoMu’s shoe collection, a long term loan from Geert Bruloot and his partner Eddy Michiels. Along with 400 unique items from designer’s archives, collectors and other international museums, the exhibition was an absolute must-see!

MoMu produced videos of infamous shoes with Geert Bruloot himself telling the backstory. This included the ‘Tabi’ boot designed by Martin Margiela that instantly became an international success.   

3. Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia: Time lapse of the Honest By.

Building up an exhibition requires preparation, time and team work. The public rarely gets to see the bustle behind the scenes. In 2016 MoMu commemorated the 100th anniversary of the death of painter Rik Wouters and brought its paintings and work from fashion designers such as Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene and Walter Van Beirendonck in one exhibition: Rik Wouters & the Private Utopia. MoMu documented the build-up. Curious to see an exhibition come to life? Then check out this time lapse of the honest by. Installation with Bruno Pieters in collaboration with Marie Sophie Beinke for the exhibition about the late painter.

4. Natan. The Dress documentary

In 2016, Belgian fashion house Natan donated a couture creation to MoMu. As a result of this kind gift, MoMu created a film documenting the entire design and manufacturing process of the dress. Accompanied by a selection of unique couture creations from the Natan fashion house, the documentary was on view for public in our MoMu  gallery! While the exhibition already ended, MoMu has uploaded the documentary onto its video channel for everyone to see!

5. Dries Van Noten. Inspirations at MoMu Antwerp recap video

Attracting more than 95.000 visitors, the Dries Van Noten. Inspirations exhibition is still the most successful MoMu exhibition to date! The exhibition disclosed his oeuvre in an exhibition that presented an intimate journey into his artistic universe, revealing the singularity of his creative process which he illustrates alongside numerous sources of inspirations! The recap video of the opening night gives you a great impression of what the exhibition was like. 

MoMu is closed for renovations, open to inspire at other locations. Read more about it.