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4 Ways To Conduct Your Fashion Research At Home

Unusual times call for unusual measures! We know it might not be easy to conduct fashion research solely relying on online sources. Our MoMu Library has noticed this problem from the get-go and offers a digital solution that might help you with your research at home! Here are 4 ways to conduct your fashion research at home with MoMu Library!

!. Scan on demand

Scan on demand service by MoMu Library
Birgit Ansoms

Our library is more than happy to assist you but will try to do this first from a safe distance! Their new policy during these times? ‘You demand, we scan’. With the ‘scan on demand’ service, our library assistants will try to help you remotely. Just send an email to If possible, your request will be scanned and emailed to you!

2. Browse through digitalized works

Collection of digitalized works

Conducting research on historical costumes? Over the years, the library has invested in digitizing a large part of their collection including historical magazines from 18th – 19th century. This digital archive is now available online!

3. Use our content for free

Blouse, 1950 - 1965
Stany Dederen
Banyan: men's loose-skirted wraps worn informally from the 17th to early 19th century
David Ring

We’ve uploaded a batch of detailed images and sketches of (historical) accessories, clothing, undergarments, lace patterns… onto Wikimedia Commons. This content is not subject to copyright restrictions and can be used by anyone, anytime, for any purpose for free!

4. Dig through our video channel

Dig through the MoMu video channel and discover videos that might actually help with your research! To get you started, MoMu library has made a playlist with a few of their favorite videos. Watch here

If you want extra research material, you can still visit the library by appointment only. More information here

MoMu is closed for renovations, open to inspire at other locations. Read more about it.