MoMu Interactive Visit: Man Ray and Fashion (primary education)

Discover ‘Man Ray and Fashion’ together with a MoMu guide. Enjoy creative assignments along the way, with an inspired workshop in the MoMu Studio as a highlight!

Visitor information

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    Tuesday to Sunday between 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Duration

    1,5 hours
  • Languages

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    Primary education
  • Maximum number

    15 students per guide

  • Pricing

    €105 per guide (including €5 administration costs)

The emphasis of an 'Interactive Visit' is not so much on the content of the story, but more on the experience: learning how to translate what you see into words, paying attention to materials and colours, …

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In this exhibition MoMu highlights the oeuvre of artist Man Ray from the perspective of fashion. ‘Man Ray and Fashion’ unites Man Ray’s iconic photography and works of art with interbellum fashion silhouettes and the work of contemporary fashion designers and photographers inspired by his work.

Man Ray’s experimental procedures and surrealist winks of the eye brought art and fashion closer together and still influence fashion photography today. Contemporary fashion designers continue to find inspiration in his work, and this is especially true of Belgian fashion designers, with their predilection for Surrealism.