MoMu guide in front of a group students explaining

MoMu Expo Visit: Baloji Augurism. (secondary/higher education)

Discover the exhibition ‘Baloji Augurism.’ with a MoMu guide who unveils the stories behind the exhibition!

Visitor information

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  • When

    Tuesday to Sunday between 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Duration

    1 hour
  • Languages

    Dutch, French, English & German
  • For whom

    Secondary & higher education
  • Maximum number

    20 students

  • Pricing

    €80 per guide (including €5 administration costs)

Coming this Autumn, the MoMu gallery will be transformed into a place of magical realism: the intriguing world of Baloji. The exhibition is inspired by his latest feature film 'Augure' and the related albums, and gives us a new perspective on his artistic practice.
Videos, masks, garments, and installations look into the culture, philosophy, and ritual of both individual and collective contemporary Belgian and Congolese identity.

About the artist:
Born in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and based in Belgium, Baloji is an award-winning musician, designer, filmmaker, and transdisciplinary artist.

Due to the limited size of this temporary exhibition, the guide will take you through the 'Collection presentation' afterwards. We consider a number of silhouettes that are interesting because of the pattern.

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