MoMu Do Visit - MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche (primary education)

Discover the exhibition ‘MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche’ with a MoMu guide, creative tasks along the way, and culminating in an inspiring workshop session in the MoMu Studio.

Visitor information

  • Tickets

  • When

    Tuesday to Sunday between 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Duration

    1,5 hours
  • Languages

  • For whom

    Primary education
  • Maximum number

    15 students per guide

  • Pricing

    €104,5 per guide (including €5 administration costs)

  • Cancellation policy

    If you cancel at least 7 calendar days in advance, everything will be refunded with the exception of a €10 administration fee. If you cancel up to 7 calendar days before your visit, nothing will be refunded. Cancellations can only be made via the Experience Antwerp contact form.

  • How to book?

    We will refer you to the Experience Antwerp booking platform. There you can book the guide and accompanying tickets.

The emphasis of a hands-on visit lies not so much on the content, but more on the experience : learning to observe and finding the words to express what you can see, focusing on materials and colours, etc.

children working in the studio togheter with an MoMu guide
Dennis Ravays

'MIRROR MIRROR - Fashion & the Psyche' is a joint exhibition by MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp and Dr. Guislain Museum in Ghent. It investigates the interconnections between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity.

How do contemporary fashion designers and artists challenge beauty ideals? Can clothing protect us mentally and give us strength? The exhibition at MoMu puts our personal experience of our bodies centre stage.