MoMu Connect: ECHO. Wrapped in memory (secondary education)

Discover ‘ECHO. Wrapped in memory’ with a MoMu guide who encourages dialogue rather than the traditional monologue.

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    Tuesday to Sunday between 10 AM - 6 PM
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    1,5 hours
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    Secondary education
  • Maximum number

    15 students per guide

  • Pricing

    €105 per guide ( including €5 administration costs)

The exhibition 'ECHO. Wrapped in memory' is about the intimate connection between clothing and memory through the lens of three artists: fashion designer Simone Rocha, artist Louise Bourgeois, and choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. They each use clothing, textiles and personal memories to shape their creations and tell stories.

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    Dries Luyten
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The exhibition highlights several themes, including motherhood, childhood and nostalgia, crafts and repair, clothing memories and the passage of time. n addition, the exhibition displays 'imperfect' garments from the MoMu collection, which reveal the presence of their previous wearers and tell stories of a life, of scars, sweat, tears and joy.