MoMu+Best Friends


"The fruits of our creative economy, including fashion, belong to the top of the world."
Cathy Berx, governor of the province of Antwerp

MoMu+Best Friends are companies and inviduals that support and strengthen the economic, creative and cultural importance of the international Belgian fashion success. Their support is crucial for the conservation and the extension of the MoMu collection, the biggest and most important collection of Belgian fashion in the world. To thank the Best Friends, MoMu offers special advantages and access to the exlusive network of MoMu. Become a Best Friend or contact us via

MoMu+Best Friend for 2.500EUR a year (incl. 21% VAT)

  • 10 invitiations to the openingvernissages, valid for 2 persons per invitation
  • 1 copy of the exhibition catalogue (2 copies a year)
  • 20% discount on the rent of the entrance hall for the organisation of an event in the impressive MoMu entrance hall
  • Your logo is shown at the entrance of the exhibition and on the MoMu webite
  • An invitation to the sneak preview, including a guided tour and a unique view behind the scenes
  • You meet the board of the MoMu+Friends and the MoMu management


The MoMu Best+Friends are: