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Fashion & Self-Isolation : Radio Host Clara De Decker

Clara De Decker

I work for the radio, so it doesn’t really matter what I look like. Unfortunately, I now have less work due to the crisis. I was looking forward to a few concert presentations but unfortunately, they have been cancelled. When I present Espresso, I’m away from home three days a week.

I get picked up by a taxi at five o’clock in the morning. I used to get up at four o’clock to do my make up and get ready but since the lockdown I’ve been setting my alarm ever later. Only the listeners who are watching me via the webcam in the studio can see me now. It’s lonely when I arrive at VRT, all I have left is virtual contact with my editor in chief.

However, I am motivated by our listeners who are grateful for the radio shows we are making during this crisis. Waking up to the radio is like having company but at a safe distance. I used to take the tram back home but now I walk for an hour and a half. It’s lovely I have the time for that now.

Clara De Decker

We have a virtual editorial meeting on Thursday. My top half will be dressed for the meeting. No one can see my bottom half, so comfort is the key word. My shapewear is abandoned somewhere in the bottom of my closet. I have always had a selection of comfortable loungewear. Over the past few weeks, this has been my ‘comfort’ go to. Anything that is too tight, I will take off as soon as I get home. I do miss dressing up for an occasion; something I didn’t think about before. Now it takes me an amount of effort to ‘get ready’ because there is no reason to. For example, I used to apply my lipstick up to ten times a day; I hardly do this at all now. I find this strange because for so long lipstick has been very much part of my identity.

I’m sure after the lockdown has ended, I will start to enjoy my clothes more consciously. I’ve always waited too long for the right moment to bring out beautiful pieces, and I realize now I will have to create those moments myself.

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