MoMu Expo Visit: Geometrically Wired. IO Van Oostveldt

Discover the exhibition ‘Geometrically Wired’ with a MoMu guide who unveils the stories behind the exhibition!

Visitor information

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    Tuesday to Sunday between 10 AM - 6 PM
  • Duration

    1 hour
  • Languages

    Dutch, French, English & German
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    20 persons per guide

  • Pricing

    €100 per guide (including €25 administration costs)

‘Geometrically Wired. IO Van Oostveldt: Between Clothing and Art’ highlights the life and work of the Belgian artist, IO Van Oostveldt.

The exhibition explores her multifaceted creative work, bringing together her design drawings, clothing creations and visual art, which all reveal her fascination with geometric shapes, (recuperated) materials and new techniques. Although many of her clothing designs were never realized, they give expression to a strong, avant-garde signature.

Because of the limited size of this temporary exhibition, the guide will take you through the 'Collection presentation' afterwards. We stop at a number of silhouettes that are interesting because of their pattern.

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