Cutting Fabrics, Breaking Borders - Textiles as resistance

What does an article of clothing reveal about its wearer? What messages can textiles convey? What stories are woven into a piece of fabric?

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    Multiple locations in Flanders
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Description of the exhibition

MoMu will be presenting the exhibition ‘‘Cutting Fabrics, Breaking Borders - Textiles as resistance" in collaboration with journalist Samira Bendadi and photographer Mashid Mohadjerin.

In this exhibition, pieces of fabric and items of clothing will be used to evoke on public opinion, such as refuge, resistance, tradition, spirituality and decolonization. Textiles are, after all, a powerful vehicle for the expression of identity, particularly in times of war and crisis.

A special place will be reserved for the stories of people who Bendadi and Mohadjerin met on their journeys. Migration has likewise played an essential part in the personal history of the curators of this exhibition.

Textiles are the common thread running through the narratives and images addressing such topics as migration (forced or by choice), longing for what has been lost, letting go and holding on.

Exhibition under the lead of
Samira Bendadi
Mashid Mohadjerin