MoMu is taking the necessary measures against the spread of COVID-19

All activities, workshops and guided tours until further notice will be cancelled!

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MoMu is following the necessary and strict measures to support the City of Antwerp’s effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. We have decided to cancel all activities, workshops and guided tours until further notice! If you have bought tickets for a workshop/activity during this period, MoMu will contact you personally!

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Did you book a MoMu Fashion Walk?

All bookings until further notice will be refunded or rebooked to another date. We will personally contact all confirmed bookings with more information!

Did you sign up for a workshop/activity?

All indoor activities have been cancelled until the end of June. Outdoor activities until 7 June are cancelled. Our colleagues will personally email those who have signed up for a workshop with more info concerning cancellation.

Do you want to visit 'Textile As Resistance' on location at Kunsthal Extra City?

The exhibition 'Textile As Resistance' that was supposed to be on view at Kunsthal Extra City from March will be cancelled. We are exploring the possibilities of organising the exhibition outside the city center during the summer. We will keep you updated through our newsletters, social media channels and website!

Can you visit our MoMu Library?

Yes! Please contact the library to make an appointment

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