embroidered city map


Embroider along with us this summer and incorporate your personal story into a collective city map.

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For several years now, textile platform Doek and MoMu have occasionally been working together on various projects within and outside the walls of MoMu.

This summer you will find Lies Van Assche among the sculptures of the Middelheim Museum with her embroidery masters Nadia Mohmand and Saleha Momand. Everyone is welcome to join and add their personal textile signature to a city map made from old tablecloths. These tablecloths become the canvas for a collective story-telling city map. As a collection of personal stories and creative hand-sewn contributions by citizens, visitors, textile lovers, talents or creatives, young and old, these traces are the visible testimonies of fascinating encounters, dialogues and memories. After the summer residency in the Middelheim park, the project will set up new basecamps in the city center at MoMu Fashion Museum, Atlas…

In between basecamp landings, Lies actively seeks out unusual textile talents or stories and traverses the city to meet these people and embroider on this ‘nomadic city cloth’ with them. Lies’ route is embroidered in red and the result is an intuitive collective map of the city, a tangible witness of an urban dialogue, of a journey of encounters and intimate textile stories, a ‘nomadic city cloth’.

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    Lies van Assche
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    Lies van Assche
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    Lies Van Assche

STST2.0 - Sterrenstof 2.0 - is a community art project by Doek vzw in collaboration with MoMu, Atlas and Middelheimmuseum. With this collective art project, Lies Van Assche from Doek wants to break through boundaries between different worlds, by introducing homely craft creativity in unexpected places in the city.

Fascinated by the emotional meaning that personal textile objects carry and intrigued by old and new city citizens’ textile stories, Lies Van Assche began researching the question of whether textile objects can create connections in a city through their emotional value. Now, as an extension of this past research, Lies is embarking on a new project, STST2.0, in which she combines people and their textile stories with the fun of collective embroidering, beyond cultures or language.

A project in collaboration with DOEK vzw, MoMu Antwerp, Middelheim Museum, Atlas, integration & integration Antwerp and FITLAB+.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the City of Antwerp.