MoMu@TheMovies: Phantom Thread

MoMu curates the screening of 'Phantom Thread' at De Cinema on the occasion of 'Exploding Fashion: From 2D to 3D to 3D Animation'.

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In post-war London, famed couturier Reynolds Woodcock designs haute couture attire for the London jet set and members of the royal family. Reynolds is obsessive about his craft and considers each and every one of his designs as works of art. Women briefly enter the life of the notoriously single tailor as muses of inspiration. Until one day he meets Alma. The young, strong-willed woman soon turns his tightly directed and planned life upside down.

Woodcock's portrayal was the last role of method actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who received his 6th Oscar nomination for the performance.

  • Phantom Thread (2017)
    Courtesy of Park Circus/Universal
  • Phantom Thread (2017)
    Courtesy of Park Circus/Universal

'Exploding Fashion: From 2D to 3D to 3D Animation’ investigates patternmaking in fashion during the 20th century and shows the important role played by pattern cutters. The exhibition moreover analyzes five historic designs by fashion designers who were also innovative pattern cutters. Those pieces have been digitally reanimated as moving images.

On the occasion of the exhibition, MoMu@TheMovies curates the screening of 'Phantom Thread' by Paul Thomas Anderson at De Cinema. With intro by MoMu Curator Romy Cockx.