Patterns Day: Info Fair

Meet VDAB, IVOC, Young Patterns, Polygonal and Fibre Mood.

Visitor information

Visitors will be able to meet different partners who have links to (making) patterns, including IVOC, Young Patterns, VDAB, Polygonal and Fibre Mood during an info fair in the classrooms of the Antwerp Fashion Department.


​IVOC is the training center for the Belgian fashion and clothing industry. IVOC annually reaches about 3,000 employees through training and training support. The range of courses is extensive and consists of technical courses, but communication, commercial and other business themes are also covered. Even apart from company training, individual employees can turn to IVOC for training support ranging from language training, information technology and technology.

​IVOC is not a government institution, but it is a private organisation. The operation of IVOC is financed mainly with resources from the sector itself.

Young Patterns

​Young Patterns started from the observation that the transition of the new generation to the fashion and clothing industry is difficult. This new generation are the under26s, students, recent graduates, job seekers and the young employees, generations Z. They have a different vision, a broader view and are constantly looking for variety and new challenges.

In addition, the Belgian clothing and ready-to-wear industry faces significant challenges due to the aging population. Older workers are leaving the sector and the problem of finding sufficient suitable replacements has been felt in the sector for several years now. Less than 5% of employees are younger than 25, compared to double that across all sectors. The sector lacks this young talent and is thus mortgaging its own future. Today more than ever, companies must take their values into account and try to create a more dynamic and enriching working environment.


​Polygonal was founded by Lafkioui Samira, technical consultant in "Fashion", together with Vanroose Wim, professor of Applied Mathematics. Polygonal, develops an online platform for customizing, creating and sharing sewing patterns. It combines extensive experience of developing clothing and associated production process with expertise from mathematics, more specifically, algorithms and digital solutions.

​The platform offers a digital workflow in the browser that starts with a drawing or a photo of a 2D pattern. Then connectivity information is added graphically. This results in a piece that can be visualized in 3D. Shape optimization algorithms are then added to personalize pieces to fit the user.

Fibre Mood

​Fiber Mood is a Belgian DIY fashion label with an international reputation. Five times a year we publish a magazine with 12 new high-quality patterns in 4 languages, bundled in a beautiful lookbook with strong images. But not only offline, Fiber Mood is also strong online: on the Fiber Mood website you will find the extensive library of PDF patterns that you can purchase separately. Discovering Fiber Mood is feeling at home in a community of like-minded sewistas with a passion for DIY fashion.


The fashion and ready-to-wear courses at VDAB are intended for job seekers who want to retrain and deepen their knowledge of pattern drawing or production techniques for fashion. Through the training, candidates are better prepared and geared to vacancies from the fashion world.
​Companies can also turn to VDAB for further training or specific training for employees. The courses are practical and make use of professional techniques. The objective is to obtain a deeper insight into fit and quality. Striving for greater creativity, flexibility and independence is the ultimate goal.