Patterns Day

MoMu and Central Saint Martins highlight the role of the pattern-maker with talks, workshops, guided tours and demos in the MoMu building.

Visitor information

On Sunday, 20 November, in association with 'Exploding Fashion: From 2D to 3D to 3D Animation', MoMu will be all about patterns and pattern-making. The programme includes talks by experts, guided tours and not-to-be missed workshops and demos, in the Library and in the classrooms of the Antwerp Fashion Department.

  • 1/4
    Stany Dederen
  • 2/4
    Liam Leslie
  • 3/4
    Stany Dederen
  • 4/4
    Akhil Babu

MoMu Talks

  • Historian Caroline Evans and curator Alistair O'Neill explain the importance of the 'Expoding Fashion' research project for the study of fashion in dialogue with MoMu curator Romy Cockx.
  • British pattern-makers Esme Young and Patrick Lee Yow of Central Saint Martins explore pattern-making with the help of designs in the exhibition by Madeleine Vionnet and Comme des Garçons. It will be a practical demonstration of the principles of bias cutting and draping.
  • MoMu staff member Dieter Suls provides further explanation about the why and wherefore of the ‘pattern-a-thon’ project and how the initiative helps MoMu make its study collection more accessible.

Workshop 'How Can a Box Become a Garment'

Esme Young and Patrick Lee Yow guide participants in transforming a 2D material into a 3D object with unconventional forms. Pattern sections are replaced by flat cardboard boxes. There are never any right or wrong answers, as the focus is on creating interesting 3D shapes.

Lazy Sunday: Exploding Fashion & Collection presentation

The exhibition 'Exploding Fashion: From 2D to 3D to 3D Animation' is the centre of attention during the Lazy Sunday guided tours, leaving at different times throughout the afternoon.

Workshop for families and kids

In the walk-in 'Sustainable Textile Collage' workshop for families and children, an article of clothing and its life cycle will be carefully dissected, down to its constituent pattern pieces and smallest details. The various elements that result will then be used to create a gigantic textile collage.

MoMu Pattern-a-thon demonstration

During the 'pattern-a-thon' demonstration, participants will make patterns for articles of clothing of their choice from the MoMu study collection, then publish them on Wikimedia, where they can be consulted and used by all. In this way, MoMu visitors become engaged with heritage and help pass on that heritage.

Info fair

Visitors will be able to meet different partners who have links to (making) patterns, including IVOC, Young Patterns, VDAB, Polygonal and Fibre Mood.