MoMu Pattern-a-thon

Make patterns out of museum objects and share fashion heritage with the world!

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Take part in our Pattern-a-thon at the MoMu Library and learn how to make patterns out of museum objects. Prior knowledge is not required, your enthusiasm is more than enough. The workshop starts with a brief introduction on pattern-making. Next, you can get to work with the help of tape measure, pencil and pattern paper as well as the objects from the MoMu Study Collection to create your pattern. After the pattern-a-thon, your patterns will be digitised and shared on Wikimedia Commons, where they can be viewed and used by everyone.

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    Dries Luyten
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    Dries Luyten
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    Dries Luyten

The pattern-a-thon project is an initiative of the MoMu Library & the Dries Van Noten Study Center in collaboration with the European Fashion Heritage Association.