NITE SH FT: Mimi Waterfall + Arne Luiting & Mateusz Staniak

MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces during a series of nocturnes that take the exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' to the stage.

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With NITE SH FT, MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces. MoMu's latest exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' reveals the connection between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity. NITE SH FT takes the exhibit to the stage.

Musicians, performers, voguers and dancers set up their stages at MoMu, taking over the entire museum with performances during four nocturnes. Just as 'MIRROR MIRROR' connects to the life of creators and young people, NITE SH FT highlights underexposed themes and the voices of today.

NITE SH FT is about discovery and recognition. Of what you did not yet know or haven’t seen yet. Of who you are or who you want to be.

Mimi Waterfall

Mimi Waterfall aka goddess in the flesh aka the original bantu princess. The reminder to your divinity.

The voice of Antwerp-based singer/songwriter Mimi Waterfall meshes beautifully with her earthy, spiritual style. Mimi’s airy but powerful voice allows the listener to embark on a lyrical journey, some might even say meditational. Supported by a mixture of soul and reggae inspired melodies Mimi invokes the listener to (re)connect with his Highest Self and his own divinity.

According to the vocalist and songwriter the power of words and self-affirmation are essential stepping stones for growth and a better understanding of oneself in today's world. Influenced by the current times and spirit the songstress offers her music as a healing and an invitation to dive deeper.

Arne Luiting & Mateusz Staniak

Joe is a lonesome cowboy - ultimate avatar who no longer knows the difference between fake and real, online and offline. He functions in an infinite echo chamber of the digital world. The constant confrontation with his self-reflection stimulates his transcendent self-glorification. Joe is the centre of the world. Joe sees the world as an extension of himself. Joe does not exist. Joe is a product of digital natives and no longer needs contact with the other.

Today, no one is concerned with the world around them. Now we live in times when "The Self" transcends everything. The feel-good factor is paramount and is a luxury. Self-care, self-discovery and well-being have become capitalist imperatives. This strategy allows us to discover, harness and sell our authenticity.

Arne Luiting (1991, NL) is a dancer and actor. In 2019 he graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Ever since then he’s been traveling across Europe and has played in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

Mateusz Staniak (1990, PL) lives and works in Amsterdam, where he followed a theatre directing programme at the Academy of Theatre and Dance. Staniak is fascinated by the possibility to reinvent reality through theater.