NITE SH FT: abrahamblue & friends + Tera Kòrá

MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces during a series of nocturnes that take the exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' to the stage.

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With NITE SH FT, MoMu and Arenberg redistribute mental and physical museum spaces. MoMu's latest exhibition 'MIRROR MIRROR' reveals the connection between fashion, psychology, self-image and identity. NITE SH FT takes the exhibit to the stage.

Musicians, performers, voguers and dancers set up their stages at MoMu, taking over the entire museum with performances during four nocturnes. Just as 'MIRROR MIRROR' connects to the life of creators and young people, NITE SH FT highlights underexposed themes and the voices of today.

NITE SH FT is about discovery and recognition. Of what you did not yet know or haven’t seen yet. Of who you are or who you want to be.

abrahamblue & friends

Antwerp-based abrahamblue grew up with an intricate love for music. Throughout the years, he let himself be inspired by a broad spectrum of genres. From classical Arabic singers such as Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafez, or getting mesmerized by classics from Beethoven and Bach, to dancing to Michael Jackson. Later, Blue discovered jazz, which opened up a whole new world for him.

By combining that jazz with his love for 90’s hip-hop, soul and gospel, he got that eclectic style. Blue taught himself to play piano, guitar, bass and later also tackled the drums. A process that was accompanied by experimentation with singing and the search for his unique melodic groove. And it didn’t go unnoticed! Red Bull Elektropedia awarded him Most Promising Artist Of The Year.

His first EP Tracks I Made Last Summer, was picked up by BBC Radio 1 and Studio Brussel.

Tera Kòrá

Tera Kòrá is a Rotterdam-based music producer and DJ with his roots from the sunny Caribbean island Curaçao. Known for his signature 'Soulswing' sound, Tera Kòrá has integrated his experience with trap music with elements from his tropical background into a new exciting genre.

Tera Kòrá dropped his first original single 'No Bad Days' early 2019 and received instant recognition followed by a second release on indie label Majestic Casual, a track premiere on Complex and shows within Europe and Asia. The highlight of 2019 was his debut show at Lowlands Festival.

Tera Kòrá has been garnering a ton of support from Joe Kay on the Soulection Radio show which airs in Apple's Beats 1 and big names like DJ Craze, Falcons, Jarreau Vandal, FS Green and many more. His unique blend of R&B and Tropical percussion will set the basis for what is yet to come.